Discover Southern Africa

The scenery and wildlife in Southern Africa is truly astonishing. Southern Africa has such a varied, lush, dramatic landscape that even just driving around is a pleasure. The animals are beautiful and surreal to see in their natural habitat.

The Weather is Good

Some rain but mostly sunshine and warmth. In addition to the things intrinsic to Southern Africa, the people are so friendly and helpful everywhere you go. It can truly be a trip of a lifetime.

An Easy Destination

Many travelers see Southern Africa as an ‘easy’ destination but it has many wild places to explore, best experienced by 4×4.

The Wilder Side

If you want to make the most of your visit discover the wilder side of Southern Africa, you will be wise to do so in one of our well-equipped 4×4 vehicles.

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South Africa’s Northern Cape


The Northern Cape is known as an exceptional self-drive destination with so much to see and do along the way.

Many Routes

Enjoy the heart of the Northern Cape as you travel along its many routes and discover  a myriad of uniquely diverse experiences.

Five Regions

Each of the five regions offers interesting stop-overs and family–friendly activities.


The Northern Cape is the proud home to six national parks, including two Transfrontier parks crossing into world-famous safari destinations such as Namibia and Botswana.

Holiday Memories

The Northern Cape is all about real people, real culture, real adventure and real nature. Visit us now and create unforgettable holiday memories.

Some Destinations

Some of the destinations to keep in mind in this area is Augrabies Falls, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, Namakwaland National Park and the Richtersveld National Park.

Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

Where the red dunes and scrub fade into infinity and herds of gemsbok, springbok, eland and blue wildebeest follow the seasons, where imposing camel thorn trees provide shade for huge black-mane lions and vantage points for leopard and many raptors… this is the Kgalagadi Transfrontier National Park.

Over 3,6 million hectares

An amalgamation of the Kalahari Gemsbok National Park in South Africa (proclaimed in 1931) and the Gemsbok National Park in Botswana, the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park comprises an area of over 3,6 million hectares – one of very few conservation areas of this magnitude left in the world.

Red sand dunes, sparse vegetation and the dry riverbeds of the Nossob and Auob show antelope and predator species off to spectacular advantage and provide excellent photographic opportunities. Kgalagadi is also a haven for birders, especially those interested in birds of prey.


Suggested Routes

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Suggested Campsites

3 Day Kgalagadi Tour

7 – 10 Day Kgalagadi Transfortier Park Tour

10 Day Kgalagadi Tour

Augrabies Falls National Park

Augrabies Falls National Park is always a pleasant, scenic stop if you are on your way to the Kgalagadi National Park or any other destinations in The Northern Cape. Most people never venture beyond the falls, but if you set off early on your drive you will be rewarded with some very satisfying game viewing and unique landscapes and scenes right out of BBC’s Planet Earth.

Place of Great Noise

Few sights are as awesome or a sound as deafening as water thundering down the Augrabies Waterfall when the Orange River is in full flood. The Khoi people called it ‘Aukoerebis’, or place of Great Noise, as this powerful flow of water is unleashed from rocky surroundings characterized by the 18km abyss of the Orange River Gorge.

Picturesque names such as Moon Rock, Ararat and Echo Corner are descriptive of this rocky region. Klipspringer and kokerboom (quiver trees) stand in stark silhouette against the African sky, silent sentinels in a strangely unique environment where only those that are able to adapt ultimately survive. The 55 383 hectares on both the northern and southern sides of the Orange River provide sanctuary to a diversity of species, from the very smallest succulents, birds and reptiles (even Rock Hyrax and Endemic flat rock lizards (platysaurus)  to springbok, gemsbok and giraffe, can add to making your stay at the falls totally worth it.

Have a picnic

As well as the usual antelope you might even be lucky enough to get sightings of Giraffe. The picnic site at the furthest point of the Kokerboom loop is a wonderfully isolated spot. For the more active we would highly recommend the Dassie trail which will take about three hours if you include the climb up Moon Rock. Just start early as midday temperatures are often high.


Suggested Routes

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Suggested Campsites

3 Day Augrabies Falls Tour

10 to 14 Day Augrabies-Riemvasmaak-Kgalagadi Tour

Namaqua National Park

Escape to the land of contrasts, where the climate has created a myriad of life forms superbly adapted to their specific habitat. Fields of flowers, star studded nights, quiver trees, enormous granite outcrops and the icy Atlantic are but a few wonders that waits you.

A tapestry of brilliant colours

As if by magic a tapestry of brilliant colours unfold enticingly along the winding roads of the Namaqua National Park. Butterflies, birds & long-tongued flies dart around among the flowers, seemingly overwhelmed by the abundance & diversity.

Every turn in the road paints an unforgettable picture: valleys filled with daisies and other spring flowers that pulse with sheer energy and joy. Next to some eye-catching succulents, a porcupine and a tall aloe pay witness to a baboon overturning a rock and pouncing on a scorpion. During early August and September, seemingly overnight, the dusty valleys of Namaqualand are transformed into a wonderland, carpeted with wildflowers. With its winter rainfall, Namaqualand is home to the richest bulb flora of any arid region in the world and more than a 1 000 of its estimated 3 500 plant species are found nowhere else on earth.


Suggested Routes

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Suggested Campsites

5 Day Namakwa-flower Tour

Richtersveld National Park

Make a startling discovery upon closer inspection when the mirage dissolves into the human-like half-mens (half person) and the harsh environment prove to be a treasure-chest containing the world’s richest desert flora.

Perfectly designed by nature

Miniature rock gardens, perfectly designed by nature, cling precariously to cliff faces. Tiny succulents, mere pinpoints against a backdrop of surreal rock formations, revel in the moisture brought by the early morning fog rolling in from the cold Atlantic Ocean.

Rugged kloofs, high mountains and dramatic landscapes that sweep away inland from the Orange River divulge the fact that you are now in the vast mountain desert that is the Richtersveld National Park, an area managed jointly by the local Nama people and the South African National Parks Board.


Suggested Routes

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Suggested Campsites

10 to 14 Day Augrabies-Richtersveld-WestCoast Tour

Discover Namibia

Namibia is a unique destination ideal for 4WD self-drive holidays.

The Landscapes

Dramatic landscapes, exceptional wildlife, a comprehensive road infrastructure and friendly people make Namibia a favourite 4×4 destination.

Trip of a Lifetime

The road trip of a lifetime awaits you! Discover the red dunes of the Namib Desert, the remoteness of Kaokoland, and wildlife in Etosha National Park.

It’s Time!

Spectacular views over the Fish River Canyon, the Atlantic coast at Swakopmund, and so much more! It’s time for a Namibia self drive safari…

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Suggested Routes

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Suggested Campsites

14 to 21 Day Augrabies-Etosha-Kgalagadi Tour

Namibia Destinations

Namibia is completely different to any other African safari destination.

Desert landscape

Much of its wildlife has adapted to its dry desert landscape, including elephant and lion. It has the world’s highest dunes, where barking geckos, cartwheeling spiders and quick-tongued chameleons scuttle across sun-baked sand. And, it has a long coastline where you can kayak with seals and see the skeletal remains of ships sent awry by thick coastal fog.


Lends itself to self driving

Nambia lends itself to self driving, with well maintained roads giving you access to Etosha National Park’s silvery salt pans, the red-rock landscape of Damaraland, and the vast crevasse of the fish river canyon. Photographers need look no further than dead vlei, where burnt orange dunes contrast against blackened camelthorn trees and clear blue skies. Meanwhile, Swakopmund offers more active experiences for families, from quad biking to sandboarding.


Discover Botswana

Botswana is one of the top wildlife destinations on the African continent. Botswana offers exceptional 4×4 self-drive experiences.

One of the Best!

This must be one of the best safari destinations in Africa!

Wild and Dramatic

Botswana is a wild and dramatic country with exceptional wildlife experiences and extraordinary scenery.


Places like the Okavango Delta, Savute, Chobe, Makgadikgadi and the Central Kalahari make for an unforgettable 4×4 self-drive holiday.


Suggested Routes

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Suggested Campsites

21 Day Botswana Tour

21 Day Kgalagadi-Botswana-Vic Falls Tour

Namibia & Botswana Grand Tour

Source : Tracks4Africa

The Namibia & Botswana Grand Tour aims to introduce you to the top attractions of these two magnificent Countries.

Beautiful, unspoilt

Of course you won’t see everything that Namibia and Botswana have to offer but it is a great start, and a good way to get to know the lay of the land. Namibia is a beautiful, unspoilt country of memorable extremes.


Largely wild country

Botswana is a largely wild country, being the largest inland delta in the world and represents a unique oasis of life amidst a maze of lagoons, waterways and palm-dotted islands. It also offers some of the best wildlife areas on the African continent. It is your decision to drive in a clockwise or in a counter clockwise direction. Click on one the “More options” link located on the appropriate map below for a suggested trip route.

Suggested Routes

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Suggested Campsites

21 Day Botswana-Namibia Tour